Curious About The Flipped Classroom?

Everyone is talking about “flipping the classroom.” But, what is it? How does it work? How is it different from traditional classroom teaching?

Check out this fun and informative infographic about Flipped Classrooms and some of the research behind it.

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Law School GPA, Not LSAT Or Undergrad GPA, Predicts Bar Passage

In a recent article by Nicholas Georgakoplous, “Bar Passage: GPA and LSAT, not Bar Reviews,” law school GPA was found to have a very strong relation to bar passage compared to LSAT and undergraduate GPA. Further, the learning in small and elective courses seemed to be significant for bar passage compared to mandatory 1L courses, legal education itself was more significant than innate skill level measured by LSAT, and training in legal analysis more significant than memorization. The study found that the bar preparation provider was not statistically significant compared to law school GPA and LSAT.


What The Best Law Teachers Do

Even at a time when the value and quality of legal education is being heavily criticized, a new book showcases what some of the best and brightest law teachers are doing and what is actually working in legal education.

What the Best Law Teachers Do by Michael Hunter Schwartz, Gerald Hess, and Sophie Sparrow, renowned legal scholars on teaching and learning, is based on a national study of 26 law professors nominated as “the best” by other professors and students.

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Teach a student to learn and they will be able to learn for a lifetime

The “teaching” paradigm is shifting. “Learning” is the new “teaching.” Recent scholarship on teaching and learning focuses on developing learners, not producing learners.

Teach a person to fish, and they will eat for a lifetime. Teach a person to learn, and they will be able to do just about whatever they need to do in a lifetime.