If drug activity is suspected, police can seize personal property

If you are caught with drugs, police can seize your personal property under civil forfeiture law and can keep it if it can be linked to drug activity. Police will seize anything they think could possibly be linked to drug activity, especially any cash they find, computers, your car, expensive electronics equipment, even the house that you live in. NPR has a great article about police tactics in asset forfeiture.

You have the right to a hearing before your personal property is forfeited. You have to act quickly if your personal property is seized after an arrest where drugs are found. You have to request a hearing within a certain amount of days from the time of the seizure or your personal property will not be returned and you will not have a hearing.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist with requesting a hearing and ensuring that your rights are protected and that any property not linked to drug activity is returned.